Somerset County Council :: People aged 0-4

All people counted as usually resident in the area at the time of the 2001 Census, aged 0 to 4 years at their last birthday.
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Key Statistics, Indicators, People and Society: Population and Migration
Comparison against other County Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council6.4%
Cambridgeshire County Council5.8%
Cumbria County Council5.2%
Derbyshire County Council5.5%
Devon County Council4.9%
Dorset County Council4.7%
East Sussex County Council5.4%
Essex County Council5.9%
Gloucestershire County Council5.8%
Hampshire County Council5.8%
Hertfordshire County Council6.3%
Kent County Council5.9%
Lancashire County Council5.8%
Leicestershire County Council5.6%
Lincolnshire County Council5.3%
Norfolk County Council5.2%
North Yorkshire County Council5.2%
Northamptonshire County Council6.2%
Nottinghamshire County Council5.5%
Oxfordshire County Council5.9%
Somerset County Council5.5%
Staffordshire County Council5.6%
Suffolk County Council5.8%
Surrey County Council5.9%
Warwickshire County Council5.7%
West Sussex County Council5.6%
Worcestershire County Council5.6%

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