Somerset County Council :: People aged 75-84

All people counted as usually resident in the area at the time of the 2001 Census, aged 75 to 84 years at their last birthday.
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Key Statistics, Indicators, People and Society: Population and Migration
Comparison against other County Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council4.8%
Cambridgeshire County Council5.2%
Cumbria County Council6.4%
Derbyshire County Council6.0%
Devon County Council7.5%
Dorset County Council8.6%
East Sussex County Council8.5%
Essex County Council5.9%
Gloucestershire County Council6.3%
Hampshire County Council5.6%
Hertfordshire County Council5.3%
Kent County Council6.1%
Lancashire County Council5.8%
Leicestershire County Council5.4%
Lincolnshire County Council6.7%
Norfolk County Council7.1%
North Yorkshire County Council6.3%
Northamptonshire County Council5.0%
Nottinghamshire County Council5.8%
Oxfordshire County Council5.1%
Somerset County Council7.0%
Staffordshire County Council5.3%
Suffolk County Council6.6%
Surrey County Council5.7%
Warwickshire County Council5.7%
West Sussex County Council7.4%
Worcestershire County Council5.8%

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