Somerset County Council :: No religion

All people usually resident in the area at the time of the 2001 Census, who stated they did not have a current religion.
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Census Area Statistics, Community Well-being / Social Environment, People and Society: Income and Lifestyles
Comparison against other County Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council72,411
Cambridgeshire County Council100,345
Cumbria County Council50,557
Derbyshire County Council107,581
Devon County Council114,498
Dorset County Council53,727
East Sussex County Council81,185
Essex County Council215,861
Gloucestershire County Council84,515
Hampshire County Council192,888
Hertfordshire County Council176,537
Kent County Council198,365
Lancashire County Council118,290
Leicestershire County Council92,810
Lincolnshire County Council76,793
Norfolk County Council133,800
North Yorkshire County Council68,156
Northamptonshire County Council113,259
Nottinghamshire County Council119,562
Oxfordshire County Council105,696
Somerset County Council73,945
Staffordshire County Council94,693
Suffolk County Council111,163
Surrey County Council161,074
Warwickshire County Council66,442
West Sussex County Council117,551
Worcestershire County Council68,538

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