Somerset County Council :: Economically active

All people aged 16 to 74 who were usually resident in the area at the time of the 2001 Census, and were economically active.All people who were working in the week before the Census are described as economically active. In addition, the category includes people who were not working but were looking for work and were available to start work within 2 weeks. Full-time students who are economically active are included but are identified separately in the classification.
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Census Area Statistics, Work Deprivation
Comparison against other County Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council249,136
Cambridgeshire County Council285,150
Cumbria County Council232,910
Derbyshire County Council359,131
Devon County Council328,379
Dorset County Council178,519
East Sussex County Council220,737
Essex County Council650,532
Gloucestershire County Council284,344
Hampshire County Council644,768
Hertfordshire County Council536,263
Kent County Council638,308
Lancashire County Council531,435
Leicestershire County Council316,051
Lincolnshire County Council306,155
Norfolk County Council377,571
North Yorkshire County Council284,943
Northamptonshire County Council328,744
Nottinghamshire County Council360,245
Oxfordshire County Council316,810
Somerset County Council240,040
Staffordshire County Council405,395
Suffolk County Council327,477
Surrey County Council547,635
Warwickshire County Council259,698
West Sussex County Council368,410
Worcestershire County Council278,532

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