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All dwellings in the area at the time of the 2001 Census. A household’s accommodation (a household space) is defined as being in a shared dwelling if it has accommodation type ‘part of a converted or shared house’, not all the rooms (including bathroom and toilet, if any) are behind a door that only that household can use and there is at least one other such household space at the same address with which it can be combined to form the shared dwelling. If any of these conditions is not met, the household space forms an unshared dwelling. Therefore a dwelling can consist of one household space (an unshared dwelling) or two or more household spaces (a shared dwelling).
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Census Area Statistics, Housing
Comparison against other County Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council193,254
Cambridgeshire County Council228,941
Cumbria County Council225,524
Derbyshire County Council319,655
Devon County Council319,024
Dorset County Council177,849
East Sussex County Council224,762
Essex County Council560,046
Gloucestershire County Council246,388
Hampshire County Council516,317
Hertfordshire County Council429,810
Kent County Council567,805
Lancashire County Council490,762
Leicestershire County Council252,383
Lincolnshire County Council284,024
Norfolk County Council362,057
North Yorkshire County Council253,464
Northamptonshire County Council267,740
Nottinghamshire County Council324,587
Oxfordshire County Council248,438
Somerset County Council217,931
Staffordshire County Council337,768
Suffolk County Council295,129
Surrey County Council444,379
Warwickshire County Council217,373
West Sussex County Council331,371
Worcestershire County Council229,585

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