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Planning Alerts: community scrapers ahoy!

This post is by Andrew Speakman, who’s coordinating OpenlyLocal‘s planning application work. We can now report good progress on our pla...

How to help build the UK’s open planning database: writing scrapers

This post is by Andrew Speakman, who’s coordinating OpenlyLocal’s planning application work. As Chris wrote in his last post announcing...

Planning Alerts: first fruits

Well, that took a little longer than planned… [I won't go into the details, but suffice to say our internal deadline got squeezed between the...

Openly Local is a new project to develop an open and unified way of accessing Local Government information.

So far we have opened up data for over 140 local authorities, and more are being added every week, with more information being opened up too.

We currently have information on:

  • 163 councils
  • 12,182 councillors
  • 7,525 committees
  • 108,883 committee meetings

Most of the data is accessible as XML or json data through a simple API (basically add .xml or .json to the main part of the URL). There is also a Google Gadget, an app for Hyperlocal sites using Ning, and a simple javascript widget